Network Assemblies
Network Assemblies

Network Assemblies

Network Assemblies are a chance for Sponsors to participate in co-creating the Governance Learning Forum.

What exactly is a Network Assembly?

The Network Assembly is a 60-minute interactive workshop led by Sponsors around a guiding question that you and your group have particular expertise in, practice, or deep study of. We anticipate these sessions will have between 15-20 people participating. Some examples of guiding questions:

  • How can web3 rehumanize governance? What does DAO HR look like?
  • How can we facilitate community-engaged treasury diversifications?

Network Assemblies occur on Day 1 of GLF, Thursday August 18th from 2:30 ET - 3:30 ET.


Does GLF provide any support in preparing the Network Assembly?

Yes! Our Event Lead & Lead Facilitator will schedule time to connect 1:1. They’ll support in framing session flow and documentation.

What is the outcome of a Network Assembly?

Like the rest of the GLF22, the outcome of the Network Assembly will be an artifact. In practice this looks like a Figma (and/or Notion). We’ll collate the documentation from your session as part of the final publication of GLF22.