Thought Partner Invitation
Thought Partner Invitation

Thought Partner Invitation

GLF is a unique event bringing expertise in governance, coordination, and social process to web3.

This event takes place online, on August 18-19.

We invite you to join a working group to work through specific DAO and protocol challenges.

About Governance Learning Forum

Governance Learning Forum 2022 (GLF) is a new kind of online gathering, brought to you by Orca Protocol and Other Internet. Over the course of two days, GLF22 will bring together web3 governance practitioners and experts on governance and coordination beyond the crypto ecosystem.

This summit is not just another series of panels. GLF will use unique online participation formats and live knowledge capture to equip DAO operators and protocol leaders with a breadth of knowledge from related, untapped fields. Knowledge generated during the event will be published afterwards — and you can be a co-author. There is no “audience” at GLF22, only participants.

When is this?

GLF22 will happen online over the course of two days, Thursday, August 18 & Friday, August 19, 2022. You’ll join 2 working groups, one each day, to work through specific DAO challenge areas. The expected time commitment is about 5 hours on each day.

hour sessions over the course of both days.

Joining other event pods/rooms are optional, but we encourage participating in these opportunities.

Who is attending?

We are gathering 120 individuals to fill this unique event container. Each participant has a specific role:

Thought Partner (that’s you!): These 90 individuals are from within web3, who are actively engaging in governance at the operational and contributor level. Thought Partners have unique insight into the primary challenges of DAOs. How can we adapt the most important governance and coordination lessons from people beyond the web3 ecosystem?

Knowledge Steward: These 15 experts are from beyond the web3 ecosystem, and are hand picked for their deep knowledge of governance, coordination, and organizational design. You will lead a conversation themed around your expertise called a thematic pod.

Facilitator: Each thematic pod will have a facilitator who will support learning and documentation, allowing you to focus on deepening relationships and exchanging knowledge.

What is my role?

Collaborative learning within a Thematic Pod 📃

As a Thought Partner, you will be matched with a group of 8 people (1 Knowledge Steward, 1 Facilitator, and 5 other Thought Partners). We call these groups “Thematic Pods.” Thematic pods are shaped around the expertise of non-web3 knowledge stewards, and are guided by a unifying question.

Each thematic pod will be a structured discussion activity over 1 day, designed to generate knowledge for all participants, with the final output being a robust artifact (think publication) with everyone in the Thematic Pod listed as author. This artifact will serve as a potential playbook for the DAO ecosystem at large. The Facilitator for each pod will be responsible for facilitating this activity, and ensure documentation of critical findings.

Additional Activities 👇

Thought Partners are invited to host a Network Assembly, an interactive workshop led by you and 1-2 other people. Network Assemblies should be motivated by a question or tension. E.g. Do DAO workers need employee protections?

One of our desired outcomes for this event is to demonstrate the need for coordination-focused individuals and teams within crypto. We also hope that this will be the beginning of deeper relationships between individual experts and attendees from web3.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you’ll join us for this special event.